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aReW recordings

The now defunct experimental Ambient net label aReW recordings was founded in 2009 by Richard Wilmer. Between 2009 and 2014 aReW recordings released over 100 releases from various artists all available as high quality MP3 downloads under a Creative Commons license.

aReW recordings netlabel discography includes: experimental music, ambient, electronica, noise, drone, field recordings, acoustic, free improv, avant-garde, musique concrète, alternative, soundtrack, live electronics, sound art, industrial, tape music, minimalism, electroacoustic, soundscapes and many other eclectic genres.

aReW recordings also has a sub label called RW-Techordings which is basically an ode to analog equipment, early electronica and minimal techno.

Artists on the aReW recordings netlabel roster/discography are Ryan Laccohee, Euhedral (Lee Riley), Joris.J, CINIK, the white noise organization, Endote, Wolfseule, Doc Deem, Lautebaum, Feltch, Torba, Black Dreams, Noise Research (Ian Simpson), Fonik, Magenta Lovecraft, Paddo One, Strain Carriage, My Pet Zombie Frankie, Measures, Hadeanera, Richard Wilmer, Lienullnoyz, RedSK, Listening Mirror (Jeff Stonehouse), ALT, My Gloomy Machine, V.I.K.I, Obliquity (Ross Baker), Zreen Toyz, Richard Knight, Genus Inkasso, 10konekt, Cloud61, Spekta, Subversive Intentions, Finglebone, Guild, Radio Salva, Inconnu Ictu, Riley, Biomass, 30-hcir, Lounge Gizzard, Morpeth, Der Domestizierte Mensch, Omniiq, God Pussy, Abgal, Red Fog, To-Bo, Trans Atlantic Rage, ReAkshen, Paul Summerlin, So Far Away Assignment (SFAA), Extrasystole, O.O.O., Fake-Lucid, O Best Beloved, Project 5am, The Vanhalia Project, BALOGH, Stiff and Cold, Flying Species, Deltatones, Sima, Broken No Fix, Alex Ischenkau (Vziel Projet), The M.S.P., Lezet, Sonore Fiction, Inedia, Protecious, Bertha James, Ilia Belorukov, Andrey Lomakin, nojoined (david priestley), swaying smoke (james lowery), simon waldram, Ars Sonor, Bedawang, Crawlspace, Mutant Beatniks, Marax, Public Domain, Gerry Miroux, Navatier, pe/nj, kaoss99, murmurists, jeremy gluck, jason kavanagh, cabrini green, anton mobin, audun forgard, juraj kojs, Ak'chamel, the development of shape, acclimate v.1, train conductor, playing with nuns, red moles in water, Darkslider, David Prescott-Steed, ElectRICHual, GRIST, The Studio Pets & RES.

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aReW recordings
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nojoined is the ambient, drone, electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, alternative, noise project of David Priestley. David first started making music in the late 1970’s playing both guitar and bass guitar in bands inspired by punk/post-punk music of the time. David has been involved in many bands of many different styles with varying degrees of success until the late 1990’s. Since early 2000’s David has focussed on making electronic/computermusic. More recently being drawn to...
Topics: nojoined, experimental, ambient, drone, electronic, electroacoustic, alternative, noise, aReW...